"I'm Looking For A Few More CEO's and COO's Who'll Make PERFECT ADDITIONS to My Personal High-Level Mastermind."

You'll Leave the Roundtable With the Tools ALREADY In Place to Grow Your Business By 20-50% or More in the Next 60 Days...
Joe Evangelisti - The Flip King & Family
The next Round Table is June 12 & 13 in Napa, CA!
Here's Why You Should Spend 2 Days With An Intimate Group of Highly-Successful Business Owners...
Exactly What Goes On at the Flip King Roundtable?
We'll have some fun for sure - but we're there to work.

If you want fun, go to Disneyland.

But if you want to get a massive momentum shift in your business, you've got to put the work in.

And there's no quicker to take your business to the next level than at the Roundtable.

I know ... the phrase "take your business to the next level" is overused.

But my Roundtable is the real deal:
It's a small room CEO's/COO's who're making it happen every day out in the trenches - like you.

We're going to spend 2 full days with one soul purpose - to grow each other's business.
Here's what we're going to cover...
  • How to set real systems up in your business (systems that will allow you to scale your business as big as want, without YOU putting in any more work, so you can have the lifestyle that you always hoped came with owning a business).
  • We'll expand your mindset.  No, this is NOT some fancy new-age cult.  But I can tell you that the biggest shifts I see in Roundtable attendees is not the strategies they learn (although you'll get those too) - it's the PROXIMITY to other owners with very different ways of looking at business.
  • You'll get real, ACTIONABLE strategies and techniques that you can begin implementing your business immediately (my realistic goal is for you to grow 20%-50% within 60 days of attending the Roundtable).
  • You'll get personalized attention to YOUR business (the Roundtable is a small group format on purpose - there will be plenty of time dedicated to helping you achieve your goals).
Simply put, you'll leave the Roundtable TRANSFORMED.

You won't be the same person you were when you walked in.

No matter where you are now, you'll become a better business person.

And often, that makes you a better family person too.

You'll see what I mean when you get here.  It's not something that you can really put into words.

And what you learn is going to have IMMEDIATE impact on your bottom line...
What's Different About THIS Roundtable?
This Roundtable we'll dive deep into your pain points ...

 - Maybe your having challenges in developing consistent, predictable lead generation. 
                        - You'll leave here with a fully-automated system kicking out motivated leads each week.

 - You don't control your schedule, your schedule controls you?
                       - We will diagnose the top 5 reasons why this is and you will leave the Roundtable with a new mindset on time management, as well as the practices I use to stay "time-free"

 - Cash- Flow is on a Roller Coaster that you don't feel like you are in control of? 
                       - You are not alone. In fact, most businesses we see face this same challenge....learn how to manage cash so you can concentrate on what you do best.

 - Do you know your KPI's (Hint...Key Performance Indicators) If not you better.
                       - Find out why these numbers separate the rich from the wealthy so you can become the later.

When the Roundtable is over, you'll come back on the same page, with your business already moving to the next level.

Success no longer needs to be a guessing game. In fact, it has never been easier to become successful. And I'm here to help you figure it out...

Click the image to expand...

And While We're Going to Work Hard, That's Not to Say That We Won't Have Any Fun!

And this time we are going out BIG. Surprise Event to follow :-) .....
The REAL Power is in the Quality of the People at the Roundtable...

David Ralic, CEO, Ralic Consulting

"I came to this round table to expand my business. This is what it's all about. I want more money, I want more success, and I needed clarity, I needed some guidance. Learning from other people's mistakes, learning from how to do things is gonna get me to go up. 

So, get here, check it out, you definitely want to be involved. You want to be a millionaire? Start hanging out with them, start thinking like them, start working like them. Check it out, guys it's worth it. "

Johell Francisco, Rockstar Investor

"The Roundtable gave me virtual tools that I was able to implement on my acquisitions business right away.

This is the place to be if you want to gain proximity to the best in the business"

Tom Kelly, President, Platinum Real Estate 

"Outstanding, I recommend it to anybody. 

If you want to up level your business, many pieces in your business, it's the best place to be with people that have been there, done that, got the t-shirt."

Mike Sogard, CEO 

"I found it to be very rewarding and I have a lot of ideas to take back to, to Dayton, to expand my business. 

I would highly recommend it, [even if] you're very experienced there's always ways to expand and, and grow and I think Joe and his team can help you do that. "
You've Got Questions ... I've Got Answers
When is the Next Roundtable?
Wednesday and Thursday June 12 & 13 in Napa, CA.
When is the One After That?
Don't put this off...We don't plan them in advance.
Can Anybody Attend?
No.  You need to already have momentum in your business.  I'm very careful about who attends because I want to make sure everybody in the room can benefit.
What's the Investment?
$5K.  Which is an absolute bargain.  As you'll see below you're guaranteed to earn at least 20 times that in the next year.  Most attendees earn more.
What's Covered With My Investment?
All meals while you're here.  You'll need to cover your own hotel and transportation.

Oh...we also include Business and Lifestyle Transformation too.
Is This All About Flipping?
No.  I happen to be the Flip King because the basis of my business is flipping houses but that's on "Auto-pilot" now and I want to help you do the same.

It's about business building, creating time freedom and building your legacy.
Where Should I Stay?
Let's discuss that on our call (after you submit your application).
I Already Do $30K a Month...How Can You Help?
You might be surprised to find out others in similar situations are doing $30K a WEEK.  The Roundtable can get you there too.
I Already Do $80K a Month...How Can You Help?
See the question above.

There's always a Next Level - as you'll witness first hand at the Roundtable.
How Does the Application Process Work?
Look for one of the bright orange "Apply Now" buttons on this page.  After you click it, you'll be asked a few simple questions.

Then we'll get on the phone together ASAP so we can decide together if you're a good for the Roundtable.
What If It's Not Everything You Promised?
Don't worry.  I've got you covered...
My $100K Money Back Guarantee

Here's why you can't lose...

If, by the end of day 1, you feel that this Roundtable is not going to put AT LEAST $100,000 into your pocket over the next 12 months (that you wouldn't have had otherwise)...

You'll simply pull me aside before we go for dinner and let me know.  And I'll quietly put your $5K investment back in your hands, right on the spot.

There's simply no risk for you here, so...
What Are You Waiting For?
There's Only 9 7 Spots Left for the June 12 & 13 Roundtable - Apply Right Now...
- Joe Evangelisti, The Flip King
P.S. - this is a TRUE application process.  That's why there's no "buy now" button on this page.

I'm only looking for people who can enhance the quality of the Roundtable.

Having said that, you're not going to have to jump through any hoops or put on any dog-and-pony show. 

 Just hit the button below, apply now, and we'll get on the phone and make a quick decision together.
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